Myhungergames - My Hunger Games is for the fans of The Hunger Games trilogy and The Hunger Games movie.  MHG provides you with the latest news as well as a making sure it’s a fun place to interact with other  Hunger Games fans.

Victor's Village - A blog dedicated to the Hunger Games that focuses on characters, actors, fandom, the filmmakers, and even the haters!

Catching Fire Movie News - CATCHING FIRE MOVIE NEWS  is a fan site dedicated to all things Catching Fire, the second book and movie in The Hunger Games series.

HG Girl On Fire - HG GIRL ON FIRE is a fan site dedicated to all things Hunger Games and the actors cast in the Hunger Games movie.  Founded out of our passion for Suzanne Collins Hunger Games trilogy, our mission is to provide the most current and up-to-date Hunger Games news, and to provide a place fans can interact and share their love for the series.

Down with the Capitol -  A very solid HG fan site with news, features, videos, and everything Hunger Games.

Team Peeta - It's all about Peeta!

Boy with the Bread -  Another fan site with a really catchy name!

Mocking Jay - One of the oldest and most respected Hunger Games fan sites on the net.  They've been around since 2009!

Hunger Games Trilogy -  Founded in 2010, this is one of the best unofficial Hunger Games Fan sites

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Welcome to Hunger Games Pictures! Here we have the latest pictures and news for fans of The Hunger Games. This is not the official site, but a fan site for the book and the movie The Hunger Games. Come here to see the latest original art surrounding The Hunger Games. You can see Hunger Games behind the scenes photos. Get Screenshots from The Hunger Games. Also, if there's anything news related or video related on The Hunger Games you'll see it here. We love The Hunger Games and know you do too!