Hunger Games Fan Gets Sent To Detention

It's one thing if students get in trouble for performing true Hunger Games acts.  Like oh, I don't know, streaming bow and arrows at each other during recess.  Or maybe students would have their own versions of The Hunger Games to spice up their time in between classes.

Bottom line is that we're pretty sure plenty of kids have gotten in trouble over this movie.   But this one probably takes the cake.

This story is partly frustrating, partly adorable. If we told you that Timothy Oldham got sent to detention for channeling a Hunger Games character, you would assume that he dropped a beehive onto another student or tried to make his dog act like a mutation and maul the other kids on the playground, right?

But no. All he did, as you’ll see in the detention slip below, was shout Effie Trinket‘s now-beloved line “That is mahogany!”

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