Catching Fire Finnick Selection is Being...

It's almost like a Hunger Games for The Hunger Games!   The public is pouring in their selections on who they want to play Finnick in the upcoming Catching Fire movie.   It's [...]


The Hunger Games gets a DVD Release Date

It's amazing how fast movies go from the theaters to DVD these days.   I almost feel like I don't even need to go to the movies anymore.  Then again I don't have surround sound [...]


Lebron James Prepared for his Game By Re...

The Miami Heat had a huge win yesterday and Lebron James had what could be considered one of the best playoff performances of all time.   What does this all have to do with The [...]


The Hunger Games' Isabelle Fuhrman to Le...

She wasn't the most likable character in the world in The Hunger Games but clearly Isabelle Fuhrman made an impact on directors and writers.   She's now going to be starring in [...]


The Hunger Games Could Bring More Attent...

We already know that The Hunger Games has had huge success at the box office.   We also know of its effects outside of the theaters.   In particular the archery business has s [...]


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